Train’d Up prides itself on its ability to deliver a broad range of vocational education and training services throughout the UK. Training our learners today, to meet the needs of industry tomorrow.

Our Vision:

Train’d Up to be recognised as a leading UK wide training provider.

Our Mission:

Train’d Up exists to provide training and quality education to meet the workforce development needs of the communities we serve, by developing the skills which enable learners to participate and optimise opportunities in the employment market, and which enable enterprises to be competitive, sustainable and successful in the marketplace.

Our Values:

Train’d Up adopts the following values to underpin and guide its day-to-day activity and future development:

  • Integrity: We will operate ethically, reliably and honestly;
  • Excellence: We will exceed expectations and strive to be the best we can be;
  • Care and Respect: We will provide a caring and understanding environment, acknowledging each other’s individuality and differences;
  • Differentiation: We will be leaders in our fields and create unique points of difference that set what we do apart from other training providers

Our Commitment:

Train’d Up is committed to the following:

  • Learners: Providing learners with excellence in tuition, a positive learning environment and the opportunity to excel in the global employment market;
  • Skills: Providing industry and the community with the highest skills which will develop capability and achieve global competitiveness;
  • Staff: Providing a working environment that attracts staff, nurtures leaders and encourages excellence and a global outlook.